Friday, May 30, 2008

O Good God!

I am having major issues getting in the "crafty" mood. Summer is almost upon us, and I have oodles of time to "play." I cannot figure out what is wrong.

I took the kiddos to my sister's house for the Memorial Day weekend. It was suppose to be fun and games. We were all heading to a new water park for sun and fun. Good God! I do not think I will ever spend that much time with my sister and her girlfriend again. I think even my little kiddos may have not had much fun.

They are just very very --tchy women! I know that they are in the menopausal stage but good grief! I just hope that everyone else in the world had a great weekend.

I did realize that I seriously need to learn to sew a swimsuit something fierce.

Happy Sewing!

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