Sunday, June 8, 2008


I sewed! I made me a skirt using some cheap cotton fabric from JoAnn's that was given to me. It has a summery, girly print. I used Simplicity 7513 View D.

I changed the way the waist part was done. I really like this skirt. I hope to make some more as it feels like summer living to me. I want to post a photo, but cannot seem to get a good shot of it by myself.
I am currently working again on my daughter's quilt. I must say, quilting (or piecing I should say) makes me so very happy. The cute fabrics, bright colors and different shapes really cheer me up. I am putting on the borders for a quilt I actually designed myself. I, of course, sewed the side on backwards and lost all my mojo instantly. I will go back perhaps tomorrow.
Anyways....I hope to make more stuff for me as I never have been on to sew for myself. I just need to figure a way to buy fabrics appropriate for an adult and in long enough yardage for an adult. I have a huge stash of quilting fabrics (mostly fat quarters) and children type fabrics.
Until later, happy sewing!


AJ said...

Well DOne I'd love to see it!

erica e said...

i'd love to see some pics of your skirt and quilt! isn't it fun to design for yourself? makes the finished project so much more meaningful.
thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! and for putting me on your sidebar! how nice of you!