Saturday, August 23, 2008


Just a short post for now. Life sure gets in the way of my hobbies sometimes! LOL

I purchased the yo-yo makers made by Clover because I have been unsuccessful making them the old fashioned way. I have been wanting to try these things. I finally got around to doing a couple. I am not so sure that they are any better then the ones I made without them. Albeit they are more uniform, but to me the stitches are just too big for the way I want them. Here's a comparison of both types:

I used the same sized circle for these. The one on the left is with the maker and the right is without. They are a little hard to see. I think that for embellisments I will use the makers. As for the quilt I dream of making, I am going to keep practicing.

This should be very productive day as my hubby has to work tonight, and it is dreary, so no plans to leave the house.

Happy Sewing,


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.....

Having all my fabric up on my old/new shelves in my sewing room closet makes such a difference in being more productive. I apparently purchased this beautiful fabric specifically for backing of my quilts.Backingfabric I loved the soft hand and soft print. No wonder I purchased over 10 yards of it.

Good thinking on my part! LOL







Butterfly Quilt

Now I can get this quilt done for my daughter's room. Butterfly Quilt closeup


(The background fabric says P.S. I love you! I plan to put seed beeds or tiny buttons for the eyes.)


Happy Sewing,

sample siggy sm200

Yucky day, yucky fabric

Well Fay has not really done anything here but make it gray and dreary. Hardly any rain so far. Slight wind finally.

So I have been re-ironing the muslin backing I purchased to back my butterfly quilt. I am really not liking the hand of this stuff. I cannot use it. My daughter has a textile...hmmm, aversion or something. I am going to need some nice quilt store stuff. I will have to wait as funds will have to be saved. One day she will have it.

Sew onward to someother WIP or UFO or new project.

Happy Sewing!


My Big Board Pics

First up is the picture of me just getting started. I used 1/2 inch plywood (the nice BigBoard1sanded type) and added a layer of heavy duty aluminum foil. I then wrapped that with 100% cotton batting (Warm and White), 2 layers. I am thinking now that I might want more padding. The plywood was more expensive then the regular type because I was not paying attention when I picked it up. Regular, cheap plywood is fine. Also, the foil may not be necessary, but I wasn't sure. My plywood was supposed to measure 30" x 60" but was a little more in both length and width. Which was strange since I watched the woman measure accurately. She may not have cut as accurately though (she was new at Home Depot).


I then wrapped bleached muslin (the cheap kind-no photo) and the silver BigBoard2 ironing board fabric. If I recall correctly, I used 2 yards of each fabric because of the widths they came in. I stapled around the edges like crazy. I think I get carried away with the staples on any project like this! I was undecided about what fabric I wanted to use, thus I purchased the silver stuff and the  muslin. I then decided to put both on so that when the silver stuff needs to go, I still have something over the batting. I also chose Warm and White batting and bleached muslin because I tend to burn the seeds in the natural types and stain my fabric.


I decided for now to just BigBoard3ascrew it to my old ironing board. I added some handles for easy moving by myself. The handles, screws and ironing board base were all re-purposed stuff I had on hand. The wood, foil, fabrics and batting were all new. The handles I cut off  a free bag. I really despise those particular bags as they do not feel like real fabric. They tear way too easily.


Another view of the back, leaning against my fabric closet:BigBoard3b (You should be able to click on the pictures for the larger version to see any details that may be of interest. *wink*) I think I am going to add one more larger handle to the opposite side for ease in standing this thing up. I open the legs while it is like leaning because I cannot do it the normal way the old ironing board works. However, I cannot seem to stand it up on my own very well. Another handle should fix that though. It is not really that heavy. The old metal stand I am using is the heaviest part, lol!


Here it is set up as I will normally keep it in my tiny sewing room. BigBoard4Please excuse the mess and the nasty carpet. This is the only room with the original carpet still in it. I have yet to shampoo in here during my deep house cleaning the past week or so.

I love how at the top height it snugs up perfectly against my extra cutting table by the window. This allows me to keep my irons and ironing supplies off the board.


Here is the board in use. Of course, this is not a large piece of BigBoard5editedfabric. I wanted the set up out here to be visible.

When I want to iron my large pieces of fabric and quilt tops, it will be set up here in the formal dining room. This room is still mostly empty as my large dining table is in the small breakfast nook right now. I like it this way at this point because this empty floor space is where I cut and pin patterns that are oversized like home dec, and where I layer and baste my quilts. It use to be my sewing room, thus the fancy design wall you see in the background. My new sewing room, oldest son's old room, is unfortunately just too small for a design wall.


Mini Ironing BoardI must say again that I am loving this board. I realized that I do still need a regular ironing board. I wanted to be able to remove the big board and still use my ironing board, but for now I purchased a small table top one for only $7.88 (guess where at that price, lol, the 88 cents is a giveaway). That will work fine for now. Eventually I want a really nice ironing board for garment construction and regular clothes ironing. I also no longer care for ones with T style legs. I'd much rather have the type with 4 legs as they are more stable to me. I have had this ironing board for, most likely, going on 17 years.


I also did not do cleats or anything on the bottom of the board to hold it on my old ironing board. This way, I can take it off, and it fits perfectly on my main cutting table  in my sewing room. Here's a picture of that cutting Cutting Tabletable without the board on top as I forgot to photograph it while it was on there before screwing it down. Duh. Anyway, this table is old and broken so I do not fold it up and move it around anymore. I like that I can store stuff under it unlike the newer one from JoAnn's. One day when I make curtains and other stuff for my sewing room, I will make a skirt to hide this stuff and protect it from sunlight.


Well, that's my DIY board. As I said I love it. I am re-ironing the backing for my daughter's butterfly quilt now. One of the reasons I finally made this board was that backing. It was a nightmare ironing and was still very wrinkled using my old ironing board. The backing is 90 inch wide bleached muslin.

Next post, I will be posting some photos of a few finished projects that I have been working on. Until then....

Happy Sewing,


I am so sorry most of my posts have been giveaways lately. I cannot seem to pass them up. They are wonderful for discovering new blogs and inspiration. Go check out Calamity Jane's Cottage for this adorable bag giveaway! Just too whimsical.

ETA: Also, go to Lurline's Place for her 100th post celebration. She is giving away a beautiful bag.

Check out the blog of Designer Heather Mulder Peterson. She is giving away a pattern. If you comment, mention that that Sunny sent you there, and we will both get a copy! How cool is that! I am always finding these giveaways from anotehr blogger and sometimes mentioned who I got the information from. This is sweet.

AND....browse Debi's blog. 200 posts!

Happy Sewing,


Monday, August 18, 2008

My cruddy day...long boring post...gotta get it out!

Ok, today was the first day of school. It was just a crazy, horrible day. The kiddos and I were running just a few minutes behind, so we missed the school bus. Ok, no prob,  grab the keys, lets go. Oh no, I left my engagement diamond solitaire with my anniversary diamond surround wedding band on the nightstand in my little boy's room (I took it off to lotion him up after his shower this morning because he has really dry skin and eczema). I tell young man to grab it for me so we can go. I am outside when the other mommas (and dads) are coming back from the bus stop. Of course we chat for a bit. Then, lo and behold, the bus comes back by the front of my house and stops for me. I literally throw the younguns on and am saved that traffic nightmare. Whew!

I continue to chat with my neighbors. My sewing friend decides to come inside to check out my closet I have been stuffing and for some chatty time. All of a sudden I realize I do not have my wedding rings on! Oh no, little man did not give them to me. He sure enough went back in the house to get them. My friend remembers me telling him to go back in and get it. She also remembers he did not give it to me.

I start to panic. It has been at least 20 to 30 minutes since this has happened. I jump in the car, drive to the school and get there just as classes are starting. I rush to his class, he doesn't have it. He gave it to me! No honey you didn't. Where is it? I don't know. I gave it to you. No baby, what did you do after you went inside to get mommy's rings? He cannot remember. I had already checked EVERYWHERE I had been that morning to be sure he had retrieved them as I had instructed. My heart is racing and I am getting upset. He keeps changing his story because he is getting upset, plus he just doesn't remember exactly (he is only 6 and entering 1st grade). I checked all his pockets and backpack. Nothing.

Ok, I run to my daughter's class. Ask her if she knows. She knows nothing about the rings at all. Okay. I am in tears. He must have dropped it on the school bus. Not good. The bus was already off to make the other rounds for the other schools and older kids. I run to the office and ask them what could be done to catch the bus driver. Nothing really, call this number. Yeah, right! It's the first day of school all over here. Getting nowhere!

Run back home, tear the house apart. Go outside and look all over the ground and even the street where the bus stopped. Nada. Then I cry, scream, cry, call husband, cry more. I called my buddy to come back over so at least we can sit and talk sewing. Maybe that will make me feel better. She is coming up the driveway along the grass on my pavers I installed.....AND THANK GOD! she is scanning the ground too and finds it in my grass! Oh my blue heavens. Thank the Lord! What a relief. Of course more crying...tears of joy!

Thought that was the worst start ever of a day, but it only got worse. Little man got sick and the school called around noon. I had to pick him up. He threw up at P.E. Oh no. When I get there, I finally figure out that he fell in P.E., scrapped his knees and then started to bleed ever so minutely. Well, he throws up when he sees himself bleed! No matter how small. I don't know why. No one else in my family has ever done that. Well we went home and decided to get my errands finished.

I take back purchases to stores from our school prep shopping spree. That itself was a nightmare. I really hate returning things, but it had to be done. Then I wanted to do some grocery shopping and get some more stuff to prepare for the storm Fay. However, lines were so long, that I had to leave without my purchases to rush home as my daughter would be arriving home on the school bus. I had to be home. Well, the buses were 30-45 minutes behind. Goodness. My friend, my angel, said she would wait for my little girl so I could go back and get my groceries.  Awesome.

Go grocery shopping. Stop at several stores for bottled water (hurricane prep) and cannot find any. Happens all the time when there is a storm a coming! Oh well, I will figure something out. I run back home and my dear friend is just leaving to take my daughter to her house because I was taking so long.  So sorry.

I get a call from the school system automated thing that school is canceled for tomorrow. Terrific. And here I was really looking forward to school starting today so I could get so much done and play in my sewing room and relax and ... (you get the picture). Well today was most certainly not what I had expected.

So tomorrow, I am sleeping in, then doing nothing but watch cartoons with the kids. I hopefully will get my post done with my pictures of my DIY "Big Board" up. I have been using it and absolutely love it. I don't know why I waited so many years to make one. Ironing my large yardage (and even smaller ones) have been super quick and pain free now! Hallelujah!

Until then....

Happy Sewing,

Sunny (too burnt out to do anything fancy in this rant of a post...good night all)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another adorable purse!

Check out Wendy's blog, The Corvidarium, and enter to win the cute little purse.

Hopefully later today I will actually get to do a real post with pictures of my big board. I have to say I LOVE THIS BOARD!

Until then...

Happy Sewing,


Last minute giveaway!

There may not be time, but I just found this giveaway and blog. Even if you cannot enter, browse her blog. It's amazing!

Happy Sewing,


Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I found another giveaway...go check out Joanna's blog.

I just got back from getting all the required materials for my "big board." Now to get it all put together so I can iron the backing muslin for my daughter's butterfly quilt! Yay!

DIY "Big Board" and a couple more giveaways!

I am on a quest to make a big board for ironing completed tops, backing and large pieces of fabric. I went to Home Depot to buy a sheet of 1/2" plywood (sanded, but not necessary), and have it cut. I wanted a piece 30" x 60" because I want my "big board" to be a little bigger than the original one sold in quilt shops.

Now I am off to JoAnn's to purchase batting and muslin to staple on. I plan to just screw this into my old ironing board for now. I am wrapping the plywood with heavy duty aluminum foil for protection. I don't know if that is necessary, but I don't want to take a chance.

I also saw a couple more giveaways for patterns. Check out Melly and Me and Rosalie Quinlan blogs for details.

Happy Sewing,


Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend update and a few giveaways.

Catching up on my blog reading this morning has produced a few more giveaways:

  1. Jen at Crafty Giveaways (free fabric and quilt blocks)
  2. Inger Lise at Lises Hobbyblogg (100 posts in 8 months!)
  3. Candace at Wraggedypatches (100 posts also)
  4. Cheryl at Polka Dots & Rick Rack (1 yr blogiversary)
  5. Marit at Marits hobbyblogg (100 posts in about 6 months!)

I have been very busy cleaning the house. I only have carpets to shampoo in 4 rooms and an area rug. I was able to get the shelves up in my sewing room. I emptied all the Rubbermaid tubs that held my fabric stash. I am going to have to refold and organize it all a little better. Most of my stash is children's knits. I make T-shirts for my youngest two. The doors need to go back on the closet, and I need to finish putting the room back together. 003

As for projects, I have not been able to baste my butterfly quilt yet. I still need to make more clothes for the kids. I did make a pet pillow for my dog. I need to make 3 covers for it still.

Happy Sewing,


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Good mail day!

Well, with today's economy and my husband being in sales, I have restrained from purchasing any new fabric, gadgets, gizmos and more. I only purchased exactly what I needed to make a gift or to finish something needed.

I have really been wanting to try those Clover Yo-yo Makers. While checking prices again online, I found The have all the little notions I need for the best price I have found. Plus shipping is a set price no matter how much you order. I had a few dollors extra this payday so I got these goodies:


I cannot wait to try these out. I have a bunch of cut fabric circles already bought years ago to try yo-yo making, but did not do so well! I really wanted to try the circle cutter. But even at, it was a tad high for my budget. Besides I just chipped my last rotary blade and need to buy a new one. Those things are expensive.

Back to chores so I can play soon.

Happy Sewing,

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Yay for me....I fixed it.

I fixed my post from the August 4th. My pictures were not showing up. I am very bad at all of thes, but learing by making mistakes. I really messed them up. Now they all work and are clickable for more detailed viewing if so desired.

I am *sew* glad that is done! Pictures are what make blogs work! LOL

Happy Sewing,


Now to figure out how to make the signature smaller! LOL

**ETA - I think I got a nice sized signature now. My goodness. I really need to be cleaning again.

A no sewing day.

I hate chores. I especially hate when I must dust from ceiling to floor. It takes all day to do one room. I physically hurt after that because I finish with cleaning my laminate floors.

On a positive note, my floor in the formal rooms is now very clean. I can sandwich and baste my daughter's butterfly top for quilting!

I am still working my way through reorganizing my sewing room too. My shelves are still not up. That's my man...gotta love him.

Til later,

Happy Sewing


Monday, August 4, 2008

Some Completed Projects....

and more UFO's found.

This is my oldest UFO! It is over 8 years old. It was a beginning quilting class.  The class ended in April of 2000. It is all hand pieced. The two blocks at the corners of the bottom are already hand quilted. The quilt is made following the lap quilting method from Georgia Bonesteel. Since pulling this out, I have cut more blocks. I decided to work on this every evening while watching TV.  Shown are 25 out of  the 42 blocks I am making. I decided to make this a king size! hand quilting

I have to say that this is the ugliest quilt I have ever seen. I mean my piecing is fine and the blocks are good, but the colors are terrible. I did not know one thing about how to choose fabrics for a quilt when I picked them. I am going to finish this one day. I will use it on my bed and proudly! I decided to finish hand piecing and hand quilting it so I can say I did it all by hand.

I will never hand piece again, except for when it is necessary (like yo-yo's).

Now for some completed things!

New school clothesThis is a new outfit for my 6 year old. The shorts are Simplicity 9080 and the tank is Kwik Sew 2411. I think they are both OOP. The KS 2411 is actually for a girls camisole and panties, but it worked great for this "wife beater" as the rednecks in my family call it. 

I have made the shorts 4 different times now and still am not good at inserting a fly. The pattern uses velcro for the fly instead of a zipper. It worked great last year when my little one entered kindergarten. This is the first garment I have made that I used embroidery to embellish. I really need to do this more often. I used a nice twill for the shorts.   I have not washed out the markings yet in these photos. The only change in the pattern I made was to add a snap at the top and not put velcro for the small pocket on the front. Shorts front


 Shorts back 





The tank is made of a nice thermal knit. I bound the edges with a rib knit using my new binder attachment I purchased off eBay for my coverstitch machine. I really want to get a few more sizes now. I could not get a photo of the tank because it was really rainy yesterday, and white is hard to see when I use my flash.

Next are some fleece blankets I made using my EdgeryDoo tool to crochet around the edges. The camo is for my youngest son and the John Deere was a gift for a friend's son's birthday.  The colors may be off some. I really need a new camera.

EdgeryDoo Camo BlanketThese are really quick and fun to do. I do not follow a pattern. I just do a couple of rounds in whatever stitch I like, usually a dc. Nothing fancy since these were for boys.

EdgeryDoo Camo Blanket2






EdgeryDoo John Deere blanket



EdgeryDoo John Deere blanket2




Finally, my finished cross stitched piece, all blocked and ready for framing. I love Winnie-the-Pooh.Done Stacked Pooh








Happy Stitching,


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Blogging Frustration

I just spent an hour writing a new post with lots of photos and details. I do not know what happened. I also think that I messed up all the photos I had on here in my older posts. Is there an easier way to do this???

I will try to fix this tomorrow. I need to just walk away.

Total Surprise!

Hello to my 3 readers! LOL

I was just taken by total surprise by Lola of ..and Sew On. She nominated everyone in her blog list for a Blog Award!

Thank you *sew* much for including me. I am honored.

Now, the rules for receiving this award are:

1) Put the logo on your blog. Ok, done.

2) Add a link to the person who awarded you. Have done, see above.

3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs. Now this is the hardest for me. I have been reading blogs for quite some time now. I keep finding great ones more and more. I cannot take the easy way and say all in my list, because at the moment I have way too many (currently at 87 subscriptions).

But here I go:

  1. Dorothy from Dorothy Baker Designs.
  2. Karen from Log Cabin Quilter.
  3. AJ from AJ's Antics.
  4. Cindy from Sew Blessed. (The things she makes are exquisite!)
  5. Kristy from lower your presser foot. (I absolutely love the style of clothes she makes.)
  6. Barbara from Just a little zizzy.
  7. Peggy from Peggy Quilts.

4) Add links to those blogs on yours. Also done. They are in my list, and I have linked them above.

5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs. Alrighty then. I hope those I picked do not mind. If so, that's okay. I apologize.

Happy Sewing y'all!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Problems with Internet Explorer

I cannot seem to "look" at many blogs tonight. This has been happening all day. It is getting worse. I keep getting an error "Internet Explorer cannot open the site http:// (whatever blog it is). Operation aborted."

This is maddening. I am able to go to my dashboard to post, but cannot even view my own blog!


**edited to add: Found out the problem. Sitemeter! Apparently they put some new code into their system last night, and now every blog that uses this meter gets that annoying error. Seems to only affect those who use IE 7 or 6. I located a work around for it here.

There is more about it, but I tried this. It worked for my blog. I can see it now in my IE 7 browser. Some of the ones that I could not see last night are now viewable.