Saturday, August 2, 2008

Problems with Internet Explorer

I cannot seem to "look" at many blogs tonight. This has been happening all day. It is getting worse. I keep getting an error "Internet Explorer cannot open the site http:// (whatever blog it is). Operation aborted."

This is maddening. I am able to go to my dashboard to post, but cannot even view my own blog!


**edited to add: Found out the problem. Sitemeter! Apparently they put some new code into their system last night, and now every blog that uses this meter gets that annoying error. Seems to only affect those who use IE 7 or 6. I located a work around for it here.

There is more about it, but I tried this. It worked for my blog. I can see it now in my IE 7 browser. Some of the ones that I could not see last night are now viewable.


Anonymous said...

It's not you, it's probably your site reader.

Look here:

Meghan said...

thanks for the tip (and for the sweet comment on my blog)!