Monday, August 18, 2008

My cruddy day...long boring post...gotta get it out!

Ok, today was the first day of school. It was just a crazy, horrible day. The kiddos and I were running just a few minutes behind, so we missed the school bus. Ok, no prob,  grab the keys, lets go. Oh no, I left my engagement diamond solitaire with my anniversary diamond surround wedding band on the nightstand in my little boy's room (I took it off to lotion him up after his shower this morning because he has really dry skin and eczema). I tell young man to grab it for me so we can go. I am outside when the other mommas (and dads) are coming back from the bus stop. Of course we chat for a bit. Then, lo and behold, the bus comes back by the front of my house and stops for me. I literally throw the younguns on and am saved that traffic nightmare. Whew!

I continue to chat with my neighbors. My sewing friend decides to come inside to check out my closet I have been stuffing and for some chatty time. All of a sudden I realize I do not have my wedding rings on! Oh no, little man did not give them to me. He sure enough went back in the house to get them. My friend remembers me telling him to go back in and get it. She also remembers he did not give it to me.

I start to panic. It has been at least 20 to 30 minutes since this has happened. I jump in the car, drive to the school and get there just as classes are starting. I rush to his class, he doesn't have it. He gave it to me! No honey you didn't. Where is it? I don't know. I gave it to you. No baby, what did you do after you went inside to get mommy's rings? He cannot remember. I had already checked EVERYWHERE I had been that morning to be sure he had retrieved them as I had instructed. My heart is racing and I am getting upset. He keeps changing his story because he is getting upset, plus he just doesn't remember exactly (he is only 6 and entering 1st grade). I checked all his pockets and backpack. Nothing.

Ok, I run to my daughter's class. Ask her if she knows. She knows nothing about the rings at all. Okay. I am in tears. He must have dropped it on the school bus. Not good. The bus was already off to make the other rounds for the other schools and older kids. I run to the office and ask them what could be done to catch the bus driver. Nothing really, call this number. Yeah, right! It's the first day of school all over here. Getting nowhere!

Run back home, tear the house apart. Go outside and look all over the ground and even the street where the bus stopped. Nada. Then I cry, scream, cry, call husband, cry more. I called my buddy to come back over so at least we can sit and talk sewing. Maybe that will make me feel better. She is coming up the driveway along the grass on my pavers I installed.....AND THANK GOD! she is scanning the ground too and finds it in my grass! Oh my blue heavens. Thank the Lord! What a relief. Of course more crying...tears of joy!

Thought that was the worst start ever of a day, but it only got worse. Little man got sick and the school called around noon. I had to pick him up. He threw up at P.E. Oh no. When I get there, I finally figure out that he fell in P.E., scrapped his knees and then started to bleed ever so minutely. Well, he throws up when he sees himself bleed! No matter how small. I don't know why. No one else in my family has ever done that. Well we went home and decided to get my errands finished.

I take back purchases to stores from our school prep shopping spree. That itself was a nightmare. I really hate returning things, but it had to be done. Then I wanted to do some grocery shopping and get some more stuff to prepare for the storm Fay. However, lines were so long, that I had to leave without my purchases to rush home as my daughter would be arriving home on the school bus. I had to be home. Well, the buses were 30-45 minutes behind. Goodness. My friend, my angel, said she would wait for my little girl so I could go back and get my groceries.  Awesome.

Go grocery shopping. Stop at several stores for bottled water (hurricane prep) and cannot find any. Happens all the time when there is a storm a coming! Oh well, I will figure something out. I run back home and my dear friend is just leaving to take my daughter to her house because I was taking so long.  So sorry.

I get a call from the school system automated thing that school is canceled for tomorrow. Terrific. And here I was really looking forward to school starting today so I could get so much done and play in my sewing room and relax and ... (you get the picture). Well today was most certainly not what I had expected.

So tomorrow, I am sleeping in, then doing nothing but watch cartoons with the kids. I hopefully will get my post done with my pictures of my DIY "Big Board" up. I have been using it and absolutely love it. I don't know why I waited so many years to make one. Ironing my large yardage (and even smaller ones) have been super quick and pain free now! Hallelujah!

Until then....

Happy Sewing,

Sunny (too burnt out to do anything fancy in this rant of a post...good night all)


Sew Create It - Jane said...

What a day! I'm exhausted just reading about it...I can't imagine how you are feeling! Hope you all stay safe..and that the day after tomorrow is a better brighter one. (((Hugs)))

Susan said...

I'm glad this had a happy heart is pounding as I'm reading it...stay safe and RELAX!

April said...

Oh my!! What a day!! Hope that you guys are doing ok with Faye coming for a visit.