Saturday, September 27, 2008

Update (very pic heavy)

So I am still very down in the dumps. Other things keep happening to me that have just knocked me lower and lower. I am trying very hard to not fall into depression again. Last major episode had me away from my love of my crafting for almost 3 years. I am attempting to keep blogging to help hold my head up.

I found some pictures that I had meant to post about. Apparently, I forgot about posting. So, I am going to do an update on projects, share the stuff I have done (even if it was a little while back) and give a sneak peak at some of the stuff I am going to put in my giveaway.

First up is some totes I made a few months ago before I started blogging. Totally Toteable TotesI had purchased 2 kits from a local sewing machine shop. The pattern was called "Totally Toteable Totes" by a local designer. I seem to have misplaced the pattern, so the name may be a little off. I have had these kits for many, many years. The kits came with the pre-quilted fabric and the coordinating prints. The pattern just intimidated me a bit.

Well, I decided to just go for it.  It was simple, but I did change the construction some after making the black tote. I am disappointed in the first one and wish I had not used that fabric first. tote details The blue and yellow one is made *sew* much better. I also added a little loop inside the second one to hook my keys to. It already had the potholder like pocket and covered button and loop closure. There is also plastic canvas in a sleeve at the bottom for stability. It can be removed for washing. The blue one is really not my style, but it reminded me of those Vera Bradley bags. She has one now that is going for $46 and another for $78!

I wanted the black one more. It is okay. I just did not like the way it was put together following the pattern exactly. I may be giving away the blue and yellow, or I may use it for my library bag. I have not made up my mind yet. I still need to make my kiddos a library bag.

Next are just some utilitarian sewing. KnickersI was just *sew* happy to have these UFO's done! They were in my pile for at least 4 years!Surprisingly they still fit my daughter! All that was needed was elastic on all of the knickers.


TankThe tank is from a camisole pattern and just whipped up at the same time from some scrap fabric given to me by a friend who moved out of state. I wanted to use my new coverstitch binder I purchased off eBay.




I also made my second pocketbook I posted about earlier. Pocketbook2 I made the handles a little longer this time. I think it turned out really cute. I may be giving this away too. Still not completely sure. I want to make coordinating accessories first though.





I also won another giveaway! I had forgotten I entered this one. It is from Helen from her blog Quilts & ATCs. If you have not been there, cruise over there now. She is in the UK and does wonderful work.

I also went shopping sometime last week or the week before. Here are some of the goodies I picked up.Shopping Not all the fat quarters are new. I was playing with the colors and deciding that I want to might  try the quilt in the magazine I got the pocketbook pattern from. I will not be using the top row of fabrics in the quilt. The rust, green and tan colors go well in my master bedroom. I also went to my local Yankee Candle store (my favorite candle and fragrance shop in the world) and got some more tarts. I decided to try out the oil, so of course I needed a couple of new burners! I will not get to do this much anymore. This was spent out of my one and only paycheck I received. : (

I am also playing around with these fat quarters:Salsa

I am calling it Salsa! (These prove my love affair with BRIGHT fabrics! LOL) I am not sure if it will be bag or a placemat for my doggie's food and water station. Poor little fellow needs something as he slips on my laminate floors when he is trying to eat. It is incredibly funny to watch, but I am starting to feel bad for him.

I need to make a jacket for my littlest boy as he lost his last year, and I am sure he has grown a bit. Just need to find a pattern, a zipper and pick up some fleece.

As for my daughter's quilt, I was playing with ideas for quilt designs and noticed that the top borders are really wonky.wonky borders Most of it I can deal with, but that top portion is just way too bad even for me. Can you see it? Looks like I need to frog stitch and try to correct it some. One day this quilt will be done and on her bed!

Now, I have decided to participate in the big fall giveaway I posted about a couple of days ago. This is my very first giveaway! I hope it goes well. I may have more than one prize. Here are some of the things I know I am giving away so far:giveawaygoodies1giveawaygoodies2







I am still trying to decide on what else I will include. I also want to make those little fabric baskets I keep seeing everyone make. If I get one done soon, I may include it too!

Of course I have been trying to catch up on housework and yard work too. I am close to being done with that...for a day or two at least. VBG

I have lots of things I would really like to get made. I want to redecorate my guest bathroom using 1930's reproduction fabrics. I want to sand and repaint my coffee table and end tables in the formal living room. I want to make a table runner for fall, lots of potholders, a Halloween wall hanging and *sew* much more. I am thinking about crocheting some new doilies or a blanket. I want to get a counted cross-stitch started. My, my, my. I do believe I have crafter's ADD. I seem to get bored easily and move on to something else, even before I finish what I was already working on. I may need some professional help!

Well, until next time...

Happy Sewing,


Vicki W said...

There's absolutely nothing wrong with carfter's ADD - especiall when you get as much accomplished as you do! Great tote bags!

katie z said...

Did you use a pattern to make your daughter's unmentionables? They look very cute and practical!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

What lovely things to post about. I enjoyed reading and seeing what you are up to. Take care of yourself Sunny. We want you to stay with us and keep on going. If you can! I hate when I get sad and overwhelmed. It does happen unfortunately. Chin up.

Anonymous said...

I can't see a thing wrong with the borders on the quilt. I'd say leave it and move on. It isn't the last quilt you will make for her, and it will wear out one of these days when she loves it to death.