Sunday, September 14, 2008

What I am working on

Well, I have started my new job. I love it, but my feet are definitely not use to standing all day long. The kids and hubby are still adjusting to the new schedule as is my poor old body!

The best part of this job is helping the customers with their projects and, of course, talking crafting and sewing all day long. A customer came in with a darling little pocketbook that she made. I simply had to make one too. So I picked up the magazine and some fabric to give it a go. She said it was quick, easy and pain-free. It is definitely sounded like my kind of project indeed.

new pocket book

Here are the fabrics I picked. Everything is cut and ready to sew up. I'm hoping to have it done tonight.

I have been neglecting housework all week due to the new job. I am trying to get that under control so that I can play in my sewing room.

I found the photos of another quick project I made a couple of weeks ago for my fur baby.

Chili on his bed

I used McCall's 3472 in the smallest size.

I recycled an old sheet for the pillow insert, and old pillows for Chilis new bed the stuffing. My dog's name is Chili Pepper, so naturally I found some fat quarters with chili pepper prints. My plan was to make 2 covers, but so far only one is complete.

Chilis new bed2 The first one was made entirely wrong. I do not know if I was still asleep or ill that day, but I messed it up completely. I have to re-cut all the side pieces.

So far that is all I have accomplished in the crafting/sewing/quilting department. If my schedule stays as it is right now, I will have Friday, Saturday and Sundays off. Also, I have not been scheduled to close either. I have my fingers crossed that it stays this way as it is ideal for me.

Happy Sewing,

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CJ said...

LOVE your fabric selection for the bag! Remember to post a picture when you finish it.
Your doggie bed is so cute and that is the perfect fabric to go with the pup's name!